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From small spaces to large family bathrooms, browse our bathroom inspiration for helpful tips and ideas to help you create your dream bathroom. 
From how to create an industrial bathroom to incorporate matt black, we have all the inspiration and advice you need.

Edwardian Cloakroom Basin and Regal Back-to-Wall Pan in a traditional white

Make The Most of Your Cloakroom with These Small Traditional Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Design, Inspiration
Whether you are looking for a timeless traditional bathroom design, or a way to bring traditional details into a more modern style, discover small bathroom ideas to make the most of your cloakroom space. ...

Dopamine Décor: The Colourful Bathroom That Boosts Your Mood

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration
With more and more of us spending time at home in this post-Covid world, it's important that your space brings you peace, comfort and happiness. Here's how to bring colour into your bathroom with the new design trend, Dopamine Décor. ...

Bringing You Closer To Your Dream Colourful Bathroom

Bathrooms can be transformed with planning and vision, so why not get inspired and create something magnificent? Choose customised ceramics that are distinctive and yet elegant and design the colourful bathroom of your dreams. ...
Bespoke Bathroom | Indulge in a modern traditional bathroom style with Bespoke by Burlington

How to Create a Bespoke Bathroom by Burlington

Searching for compelling ceramics to suit your bathroom style? Explore Bespoke by Burlington. Ranging across an array of enticing colours, beautiful patterns and customisable lettering, discover a range of statement Edwardian basins and toilets to inspire a unique twist in your modern traditional bathroom suite ...
Traditional bathroom suite | Welcome sophistication into your home with a neutral bathroom

Neutrals to Nurture in Traditional Bathroom Suites

Peace, tranquillity and perfect harmony, explore traditional bathroom suites that inspire complete contentment with calming neutrals. From warming hues to soothing shades, elevate your bathroom with colour palettes to suit your scheme. Whether it's for modern classic bathrooms or simply timeless spaces, be inspired by neutrals ...
Traditional Bathroom | Create an expressive modern or classic bathroom with nature in your space

5 Nature-Inspired Ideas for Traditional Bathrooms

Envisioning peace and placidity in a traditional bathroom inspired by nature? From small cloakroom suites to larger modern classic bathrooms, we've got the perfect traditional bathroom designs to welcome a decadent nod towards nature in your home. Take a look at our top 5 elegant bathroom ideas to bring this trend to life ...
Art Deco Bathroom | Bring a fresh take on 1920s bathroom design with Riviera

5 Art Deco Bathrooms to Inspire Glamour

Can't get enough of the glitz and glamour of the 1920s? Embracing the comfort, excitement and change that came to light during this time, the Riviera Collection harnesses 1920s style across basins, toilets, vanity units and brassware for the ultimate grandeur in any Art Deco bathroom scheme. Ready to be inspired? Discover our top 5 Art Deco bathrooms to bring 1920s glamour to your home. 📷: @louiseroe @louiseroehome ...
Art Deco bathroom | Reimagine 1920s bathroom style with the Riviera Collection.

Love your Art Deco Bathroom with Riviera

Looking for a fresh perspective on Art Deco? A modern take on an iconic style, the Riviera Collection enlivens contemporary and classic bathrooms with glamour, style and luxury unlike any other. Inspired by the newfound freedom of the 1920s, uncover what makes this exclusive collection so special for Art Deco bathrooms that are guaranteed to captivate ...
Traditional Bathroom Ideas | Welcome romantic designs to your timeless bathroom effortlessly with Burlington

5 Romantic Traditional Bathroom Ideas for Couples

Classic, comforting and full of charm, what's not to love about traditional bathroom ideas inspired by romance? With designs to uplift even the most understated schemes with elegance and grace, discover the look of love in 5 sophisticated and timeless bathroom styles perfect for 2022. 📷: @bathtubs_and_buttercups ...
Traditional Basin | Enhance your traditional bathroom design with the perfect basin. For the best result, take a look at our basin buying guide to choose the right addition to your home.

Discover your Perfect Traditional Basin

Buying Guide
Want the perfect traditional basin for your home? From larger master bathrooms to smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms, read our traditional basin guide to bring the best option for your traditional bathroom design ...