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01 February 2024
Katie Wells

Traditional Bathroom Designs in Modern Interiors


Over the centuries, interior designs have changed extraordinarily. And there are some truly wonderful design styles throughout history. Drawing on these eras of design for inspiration can bring an air of luxury and sophistication into our homes. Full of intricate details, intentional design and fantastically precise finishing touches, traditional bathrooms hold a timeless quality, keeping them in fashion for many years to come. 

But how do you utilise the beautiful elements of traditional bathroom design if you have a contemporary home with a modern interior? Over time, our houses and our lifestyles have changed, sometimes making it difficult for a completely traditional bathroom design to meet our needs. That’s where transitional design comes in, bridging the gap between the then and the now. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to bring traditional bathroom design into your modern home, take a look at some of our styling tips below. 


What Is Transitional Design?


Before we get into styling tips for your traditional bathroom, transitional design is a good term to explore to help you get started. Transitional design takes traditional features and brings them into the modern day. It typically consists of a mixture between historical design details and contemporary functionality and trends. Transitional design allows you to be more flexible with your interior rather than being restricted solely by the traditions of the past. The aesthetic blends formal, ornate features with relaxed elements for a space that feels both classic and current. 

Here at Burlington, we make it easy to achieve this style in your bathroom. Our products take inspiration from key eras of design, paying close attention to those delicate, ornamental features that define classic styles. The main difference is that we develop these classic characteristics into something fit for the modern user and a contemporary home. This means that you can bring historical design into your bathroom without having to transport your lifestyle back in time. With a more relaxed approach to classic design, our products fit seamlessly into the everyday 21st-century home. Taking inspiration from current trends, not only do our products reflect the past, they also reflect the needs and preferences of modern-day people. 


Green Colour Schemes 


A design trend that has come about in recent years is the greater inclusion of green in interior design. More and more of us are wanting to bring a calming and peaceful aura into our homes, and nothing does that better than the tones of nature. We are also getting bolder with our designs, opting for darker shades that make us feel good. 

Dark, emerald green tones lend themselves particularly well to traditional design because they are reminiscent of a drawing room in a late 18th-century Georgian mansion. The colour is also incredibly versatile, allowing it to be integrated wonderfully into a wide range of designs. 

A great place to start when adding dark green into any bathroom space is with the furniture and décor. For example, our Matt Green vanity units, available in a range of shapes and sizes, provide the perfect statement piece that harmonises wonderfully with any green-themed traditional bathroom design. Paired with Brushed Nickel or Gold taps, it makes for a space that exudes opulence and luxury. For a more subtle inclusion of dark green into a cooler colour scheme, opt for a Matt Green toilet seat, mirror or bath panels.

Our selection of Matt Green products helps you to bring the contemporary trend of green interiors into your traditional bathroom design. 


The Beauty of Brushed Nickel


In the early part of this century, bright, shiny metallic brassware was a must-have in bathroom design. However, in recent years, people have slowly been moving away from shiny designs to more muted tones. With the elegance provided by traditional design being one of the main alluring factors, introducing the modern preference of muted tones into your traditional bathroom can help to bring attention to the finer, classic details of your bathroom design. 

Brushed Nickel offers a time-honoured result synonymous with luxurious spaces, making it the optimal finish for any classic bathroom interior. Providing greater sophistication than its counterparts, Brushed Nickel is rising in popularity. 

Compared to Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel provides a more subtle, softer appearance. Etched with a wire brush, Brushed Nickel features a textured finish, making for more stunning and eye-catching brassware. This texture does more than give a striking look. It adds a warm tone to the metal, enhancing the feeling of luxury and relaxation within the bathroom. 


Adding Shower Enclosures to Traditional Designs 


A signature feature of a traditional bathroom has always been the bath. Growing from a daily necessity to a statement of luxury, the bath became an essence of relaxation. As times moved on, so have our technology, style preferences and wellness routines. For many, the shower has become an indulgent retreat, an experience of relaxation and revitalisation. And with our ever-increasing lifestyles, the shower poses a more practical and time-saving solution for our bathing needs. That’s why so many are opting to include walk-in shower enclosures in their traditional bathroom designs. 

Offering 8mm toughened safety glass and the highest quality materials, you can create the ultimate showering experience in your traditional bathroom design with our collection of walk-in shower enclosures

With a range of configuration options available, you can design the shower enclosure that works with your space and fits with your style needs and preferences without disturbing the sophistication of a traditional bathroom design. Our shower enclosures are available in a selection of finishes so that you can match your shower to your traditional brassware and accessories for a seamlessly transitional design. 


For more inspiration, download a brochure today. 


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