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02 April 2024
Katie Wells

The Guild Collection: A Celebration of Craftsmanship


Expanding the potential of traditional bathroom design, Burlington’s latest product release takes a step into a new design era of the past. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts design movement of the late 19th century, the Guild Collection celebrates originality, high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Featuring a minimalist, delicate design, Guild offers a comprehensive collection that exudes elegance. Be transported to a time of simplicity and class with the stylings of a Guild traditional bathroom design. 


The Arts and Crafts Design Era


The Arts and Crafts era presented a design movement full of admirable qualities. As industrialisation and mass production swept across Britain, society’s perception of craftsmanship was altered. Care was removed from the quality of production and a focus was put on making objects that were previously out of reach accessible to the masses. While this did have its benefits, it also threatened the skills of craftsmanship.

As a reaction to the effects of the Industrial Revolution, the Arts and Crafts movement came to fruition and reformed the design and manufacturing of everything from buildings to jewellery. Bringing the power back to the decorative arts, the Arts and Crafts movement placed importance on beautiful, well-made objects that could be used in everyday life.

Rejecting excessive ornamentation and the ignorance of materials, the Arts and Crafts design movement placed particular emphasis on high-quality pieces that were built to last. Arts and Crafts practitioners also believed in the importance of designing objects for a complete interior that blend to form a harmonious whole.

The Guild Collection draws inspiration from the latter years of this design era, bringing prominent characteristics and ideals into the collection’s design. Adopting the design philosophies of this era, Guild offers a comprehensive collection of bathroom products to achieve a complete traditional bathroom solution while presenting carefully considered designs that are built to last. 


Achieve Elegance with Guild


Adopting the simplistic but decorative nature of the Arts and Crafts design movement, the Guild Collection boasts beautiful, elegant design features throughout all categories. From mirrors and furniture through to brassware and showering, the Guild Collection has plenty to offer. 

Delicate Design


Seeking to reject excessive ornamentation and instead returning to a simpler, decorative finish, the Guild brassware range brings elegance and sophistication across both bath and basin. The smooth, rounded design brings a soft, calming aesthetic to your traditional bathroom design. Featured throughout the neck and spout and even down to the crosshead handle details, the delicate curvature allows a beautiful elegance to remain prominent. Adding an element of contrast through texture, a delicate knurling detail is included at subtle points throughout the brassware designs. With a range of typographies available across both bath and basin taps, the Guild brassware range provides the perfect solution for any traditional bathroom layout. 

Decorative Finishes


Bringing the ideals of the Arts and Crafts style to life is Guild’s delicately ornate furniture range. A combination of clean geometric lines with the minimal curvature of the front edges creates a sophisticated, traditional aesthetic that brings attention to the design quality and skilled creation of the piece. Adding a delicate, decorative finishing touch to the furniture unit is the beautifully symmetrical curved detail situated below the drawer. This elegant finishing touch gives focus to the Arts and Crafts ideology of bringing the power back to the decorative arts. With mirrors and cabinets following the same design style, the Guild furniture range creates an incredibly beautiful focal point in your traditional bathroom design. 

Designed For the Every Day


A key philosophy from the Arts and Crafts design era is the return to a simpler, more fulfilling way of life. Bringing through this ideology is the Guild accessories range. Providing accessories for the whole bathroom, the subtle, beautiful design focuses on everyday use.  From lighting to robe hooks, the Guild accessories range has everything you need for a fully functional bathroom design. With a delicate appearance, Guild accessories provide a minimalist approach to keep your traditional bathroom looking refined and uncluttered while providing the essential features that every bathroom needs. 

The delicate, minimalist design characterised by the Guild Collection continues with basinshowering and toilet ranges, providing a complete, harmonious traditional bathroom solution. Explore the Guild Collection further, here.  


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