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With Burlington's EasyClean technology you can easily remove limescale. Simply rub your fingers over the silicon nipples - and the limescale is removed.

The nipples also help direct the water in the correct direction, not sideways!

This results in a clean showerhead, delivering the experience it is designed to do, for years to come.


More power, less water. Water saving without ruining your shower.

All our fixed shower heads have AirBurst built in. Air is forced into the water flow through a hole in the under-surface of the shower head. Water and air mix, this mixture spins around causing turbulence which increases the pressure inside the shower head.

The water passes out of the shower head with the power of a traditional shower, so you do not feel any difference but you can save up the 33% of water (and save up to 33% in energy costs to heat your shower water). 

Save our planet with Burlington

Every drop counts. We will help you to save water, energy and money. Innovative products using state of the art technology.

Thermostatic safety

Vernet started precision engineering in 1927 near Paris, France. Vernet is the world leader in thermostatic shower components, and provide the best possible temperature and safety measures available.

The quality materials in the capsule minimise any potential limescale effects on working parts - enabling extended lifetimes of performance.

Burlington uses Vernet wax capsules across its range - this means that the temperature of your shower will not vary by more than +- 1 C - even if someone flushes a WC whilst you are showering!

Ceramic disc technology

Extremes of temperature, the stresses caused by hard water (water rich in lime) and the corrosion caused by chlorine means the ceramic disc and thermostatic cartridges are under daily attack.

They are also the most hard working items in the bathroom. Ceramic discs are harder than diamonds - The hardest material known to man!

Burlington is developing disc valves in Germany and is standardising this technology across its range.

Choice of pipework diameters

Burlington offers two dimensions of riser pipework diameters.

Our valves are built around 18mm pipework which allows good showering performance in most applications. If you really want a truly exceptional performance shower then the Stour has 28mm

Internal filters

Quite frequently a system is not flushed out after initial installation - which can clog up any shower or tap.

Also after prolonged use some impurities in your water could cause damage to your valve. All our valves have internal filters (in the Avon & Stour they are built into the cartridge) - which are designed to allow cleaning and flushing out an installation.

Larger bore shower hoses

All our shower hoses are 11mm bore vs. the standard 8mm bore (the ‘bore' is the hollow part inside the shower hose tube).

This allows for an increased water flow (a minimum of 33% more water) - especially important in low water pressure environments.


All our shower valves have non-return valves built in. A non-return valve is a type of valve that allows the water to flow in one direction but closes automatically to prevent flow in the opposite direction (backflow).

Preventing this backflow is important because: it can diminish process heating efficiency; prevents possible siphonage of contaminated water back into the potable water supply; can prevent water hammer (the noise of water in your pipes) and they protect your shower cartridge and thermostat from the reverse flow of water (meaning a longer life for your shower valve).

Water label

The European Water Label (EWL) is a voluntary system by European Manufacturers supported by Burlington and 80 other major brands.

The EWL's online database and product labels ensure transparency by clearly marking the water consumption of bathroom products.

TMV2 certified

TMV2 Scheme means a valve has been approved for thermostatic mixing valve limiting hot water in domestic situations.

Burlington valves are designed to be as suitable for use as Type 2 and are undergoing third party testing and certification against the requirements of BS EN 1111.

Certificated valves satisfy the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and the Water Byelaws 2000 in Scotland and Northern Ireland and will therefore have Water Regulations Scheme Approval.

The maximum allowed temperatures are as follows :
• 44 degrees C for Bath fill
• 41 degrees C for shower applications
TMV stands for Thermostatic Mixing Valve.

ClearStone Baths

This unique material allows us to craft baths with delicate rims and softer profiles. It has a gloss finish that is scratch-resistant and hardwearing. In the event of minor scratches or chips, ClearStone can be repaired. The Balthazar baths from Burlington are available in ClearStone.

Natural Stone Baths

This material gives the bath a heavier and more solid appearance but with a soft, velvety-satin touch. The Albany bath from Burlington is made in Natural Stone and comes with an integrated overflow. 

TSFR Acrylic Baths

TSFR stands for Twin Skin Fused Reinforced and is a bath made with two layers of acrylic, either side of a solid core. The reinforcement in the bath ensures it is a stronger and higher quality product.