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02 January 2024
Katie Wells

Ensuites: Your Sanctuary of Relaxation


In a busy world, those peaceful moments of stillness and solitude can be priceless. That’s why this year we are seeing a shift in focus in bathroom design. With a move away from purely practical spaces in recent years, bathrooms have become an embodiment of spa-inspired relaxation and wellness. And this attitude is continuing, influencing the bathroom trends we’ll see in 2024.

With the bathroom becoming an extension of our living space, this year people are turning their attention to ensuites. Providing a personal sanctuary of relaxation away from the family and the outside world, the ensuite is a place for luxurious and indulgent design.

A time for fresh starts and new beginnings, get planning your refreshed traditional ensuite design to bring luxury, tranquillity and serenity into your home. 


Luxurious Design 


Luxurious design requires careful consideration and complementation across all areas of the bathroom. The metals and brassware used in our bathroom space have a big part to play in creating a design that oozes opulence. And nothing says luxury in a traditional bathroom space like Brushed Nickel. 

Providing the silvery glow so well associated with spa-like interiors combined with the muted brushed finish to remove harsh reflection, Brushed Nickel creates a truly indulgent atmosphere. 

Available across brassware, showering and accessories, turn your traditional ensuite into a calming escape with Brushed Nickel. 

Personalised Relaxation 


Achieving a private sanctuary of relaxation requires a touch of personalised design, both to suit the space available and your preferences. While baths were once a statement of traditional design, more and more people are choosing showers as their space to unwind. Providing a way to energise at the start of the day or a place to destress in the evenings, showers are a rejuvenating and soothing experience. 

Becoming the essence of relaxation, our walk-in shower units bring modern comforts into your traditional design. Created in a modular way, our range of glass panels can be configured in numerous ways, giving you plenty of layout options to design your perfect escape. Fitting to any space, be it a recessed gap, a corner design or against a straight wall, integrate a walk-in shower into your ensuite space with ease. 

Discover more about designing your perfect walk-in shower enclosure here.

A Pop of Colour 


This year will see a rise in bold colour accents and pops of saturated, early tones. This gives you the perfect opportunity to turn your ensuite into a space that is completely yours, a sanctuary for you to relax your way.  

2024 bathroom trends will see primary colours shine as bold accents, giving way to unique creations. Saturated earthy tones, such as dark purples, greens and blues, are gaining popularity as they bring a calming, grounding effect lending themselves perfectly to a relaxing environment.

Start the year off right by creating your luxurious escape – a place to relax the body and mind. If renovating your ensuite is on your to do list for this year, get started today by finding your nearest retailer

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