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The Elegant Allure of Black Vanity Units


Black accents around the bathroom is a growing trend for 2024 with it being viewed as the new timeless colour palette. One of the ways that many are choosing to incorporate this darker hue into their bathrooms is through their vanity units. Matt black bathroom vanities present a bold choice while maintaining a timeless quality previously only achieved with white units. This new favourite creates greater design opportunities and ways to personalise your bathroom space.

While the trend of Matt Black accents throughout the bathroom has been around for a while, the growth of popularity has made it particularly prevalent in contemporary designs. And it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Adding dramaticism and sophistication to a space, monochromatic interiors create an impactful statement. 


While introducing darker hues into your colour palette may sound daunting, using black as an accent can highlight other areas of your design. As an accent, this colour can make a statement without taking over the space. And the greatest part is, black is a timeless colour so this trend won’t age like other bolder colour schemes we’ve seen in recent years.

Combining modern trends with traditional designs produces a beautiful blend of the sophisticated styles of the past and the luxurious chic of the now. Transitional design brings classical aesthetics into the modern home to create timeless elegance. Be inspired by our favourite design ideas for bringing black furniture into your traditional bathroom design…


The Glamour and Style of Art Deco


The Art Deco style encompasses the lavish designs that lined the prosperous Mediterranean coasts in the 1920s. Bringing glamour, style and luxury into the bathroom is our Riviera collection, featuring beautifully designed furniture, brassware, ceramics and accessories.

If you’re looking for a bathroom that screams sophistication and glamour, start with our Riviera Vanity Unit in Matt Black. Creating a bold contrast against a white tile, this vanity unit takes centre stage. Using this darker tone as an accent keeps the design vibrant and intriguing while still allowing for a bright and colourful bathroom palette. A black and gold colour scheme has been a staple of sophistication for many years, making this a timeless yet elegant bathroom interior that will leave your house guests envious. 


Classically Traditional With A Modern Twist


When designing a traditional bathroom, Edwardian and Victorian styles are always a great option. Exuding sophistication with every feature, these styles make for truly luxurious interiors. With the colour black naturally symbolising elegance, this Matt Black corner vanity unit is perfect for this traditional bathroom design.

The darkness of this finish highlights the lighter tones in this colour palette. Create a beautiful contrast by pairing this Matt Black unit with Brushed Nickel brassware and accessories. The stark difference in colour allows the brightness of the Brushed Nickel to shine for an elevated luxurious aesthetic. 


Black And Green: The Ultimate Transitional Colour Scheme


Another trending colour for interior design in recent years is dark green. Being a versatile colour, it can be used in almost any design. However, it particularly lends itself brilliantly to traditional design, reminiscent of a drawing room of a late 18th Century Georgian mansion. Creating a dark, moody and regal appearance, this colour combination is perfect for any traditional bathroom.

The Matt Black double floorstanding vanity unit pictured here elevates the jewelled green tones while tying together the contrasting green and white palette. When creating a darker interior design, it’s a good idea to bring in some lighter elements to stop the room from feeling closed in. In this design, the addition of chrome accents across brassware, heating, showering and accessories provides a bright shimmer while helping this design to remain classical and timeless. 


A More Subtle Take on Bold Design


If the boldness of a deep black vanity unit is too daunting, opt for the Guild furniture unit in Ashbee Grey. This beautiful finish provides the sophisticated, elegant aesthetic of black while offering a little relief from the darker tones. Creating an intriguing design element against the brightness of this bathroom interior, this dark accent elevates the design by letting the greys, whites and colourful tiles pop.

Adding to the tastefulness of this design is the choice of gold brassware, accessories and showering. Contrasting beautifully with the black features, these gold accents bring a sense of chic luxury to this bathroom design. 


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