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02 August 2023
Katie Wells

From Polished to Brushed – The Transformation of Nickel Brassware


Known for its use in traditional bathroom design, nickel is a beautiful material perfect for creating a sophisticated atmosphere. While the bright, shiny appearance of Polished Nickel was a bathroom favourite, preferences are moving towards more muted tones, paving the way for Brushed Nickel to become the new showstopper. 

The Beauty of Brushed Nickel 


Brushed Nickel offers a time-honoured result, synonymous with luxurious spaces, making it the optimal finish for any classic bathroom interior. Providing greater sophistication than its counterpart’s, Brushed Nickel is rising in popularity. 
Compared to Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel provides a more subtle, softer appearance. Etched with a wire brush, Brushed Nickel features a textured finish, making for more stunning and eye-catching brassware. This texture does more than give a striking look. It adds a warm tone to the metal, enhancing the feeling of luxury and relaxation within the bathroom. 

Excelling In More Than Just Looks 


Contributing to its rise in popularity, the admirable qualities of Brushed Nickel make it favourable for the bathroom. 

Brushed Nickel is a highly durable finish, typically lasting for years without damage or blemish. Unlike shiny surfaces, Brushed Nickel is highly resistant to fingerprints, smudges, water spots and washing marks, allowing for its stunning appearance to shine through always. 

Alongside its practical benefits, it is also highly advantageous when it comes to design. Brushed Nickel is easy to pair, especially with neutral colours, making it the perfect finish for any bathroom scheme, from traditional to contemporary. 

Bring The Luxury of Brushed Nickel into Your Bathroom 


Providing a soft, satin-like appearance, Brushed Nickel flawlessly complements a wide range of colour schemes and interior styles. While most metals exude a silver or grey shine, Brushed Nickel emanates a slightly golden hue. The subtle glow of this finish provides a spa-like atmosphere, making it the perfect choice for warm-toned bathrooms including shades of beige, blue, yellow or salmon.

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