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14 March 2022

Love your Art Deco Bathroom with Riviera


Rich colours, decadent details and striking geometry - whether you're an advocate of Art Deco or yet to explore its endless possibilities, there's no overlooking it's bold and opulent charm. Dating back to the 1920s, this iconic design captures appeal with elegance, modernity and function for an indulgent flair in any setting.

Over a hundred years later, Art Deco bathrooms are experiencing a resurgence with glamour, style and luxury that refuses to go unnoticed. Ready to welcome an Art Deco bathroom? Think Riviera. A modern spin on Art Deco design, the Riviera Collection involves ceramics, vanity units and brassware to capture this interior design trend in contemporary and classic bathrooms alike.

Want to know more? Here's what makes the Riviera Collection so special...

1. Exclusive: Designed by Christian Booth

Created in collaboration with renowned UK design group Christian Booth Design for a stunning reinterpretation of the 1920s bathroom to revive forms, shapes and sizes to suit modern bathrooms of today.

In an interview, designer Steve Christian Booth explained Riviera looked to "balance to balance geometric elements and clean lines with decorative embellishments, while retaining an elegance, lightness, and a fresh simplicity of form". Embracing contemporary charm and classic charisma across an intimate collection of ceramics, vanity units and brasswarewill you indulge in the fresh perspective of Riviera?

2. Inspired by History: 1920s Glamour

Inspired by new beginnings, the Riviera Collection harks back to the freedom of the 1920s where affluent designs and lavish lifestyles were commonplace, particularly along the French and Italian Rivieras. Fittingly named Riviera, the collection reminisces 1920s bathroom design with clean lines, straight edges and soft corners to mirror more relaxed ways of living. This, combined with newfound modernity, allows Riviera to bring classic and contemporary designs to life in any Art Deco bathroom style. 

3. Express Yourself: Be Colour Creative​

Inviting wellness in any Art Deco bathroom suite, expressive colour can facilitate with boosting moods, just like those of Riviera vanity units. Want a refreshing look? Indulge in Matt White. Searching for serenity? Soothe the senses with Matt Blue. A look that re-energises? Go bold with Matt Pink. Letting you get creative with colour, Riviera allows you to create the modern traditional bathroom your heart desires. Want to maximise grandeur? Heighten luxury with Riviera brassware in Chrome or Gold for an Art Deco bathroom guaranteed to capture attention. 

4. Suited to All: Styles, Shapes and Sizes

With styles, shapes and sizes to suit all, Riviera's flexible and versatile nature lets you get creative in any modern classic bathroom. Searching for small bathroom inspiration? Starting at 450mm in size, Riviera basins can inspire beautiful designs in the smallest of Art Deco bathroom suites. Why not pair with a Riviera wall hung toilet to maximise floor space? Offering variety across basins, toilets, vanity units and brassware for the basin, bath and shower, Riviera makes cohesivity in your Art Deco bathroom effortless. 

5. A Fresh Take: Redefine Design Boundaries

Elegantly refined or strikingly dynamic? Whatever your preference, welcome new boundaries to your Art Deco bathroom with Riviera. From beautiful beading that surrounds the bowl of every basin to timeless crosshead handles with each brassware piece, every detail of the Riviera Collection has been carefully considered for exquisite design throughout your Art Deco bathroom suite. A harmonious look to maintain balance, Riviera's comprehensive collection provides the perfect combination for contemporary homes and classic bathrooms alike. 

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