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05 December 2023
Katie Wells

Caring For Your Traditional Bathroom


The bathroom is a sacred space, and after putting in all the hard work to achieve your perfect bathroom, you want to make sure it lasts. Check out our top tips for keeping your traditional bathroom looking beautiful for years to come. 


Built To Last


Understanding the importance of products that last from both a consumer and an environmental point of view, Burlington products are built to stand the test of time. Using only the highest quality materials and protective finishes utilising the latest sanitaryware technology, caring for your traditional bathroom is easy!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall 


It only takes one product to keep your mirror the shiniest of them all. A soap and water solution or a simple glass cleaner is all you need to keep your bathroom mirror looking great. But to make your mirror last even longer, there are a few tips to follow: 

  • Spray the cleaning product onto your cloth rather than directly onto your mirror. This will avoid overspray onto the wooded frame, preventing damage and keeping it in perfect condition. 
  • Be sure to dry the mirror thoroughly after cleaning, paying particular attention to any build-up of moisture in the corners. 
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or a scouring pad. 

Beautiful Brassware


Burlington brassware is a thing of beauty, and of course you want to keep it that way. Our traditional brassware ranges are made from high-quality materials with delicate finishes applied with the latest and greatest technology. This means that you don’t need any harsh chemicals to keep them looking good. In fact, that’s something you want to avoid!

A simple soap and water solution is all it takes to keep your traditional brassware shining, with harsh chemicals damaging the chrome work. Be sure to spray your cleaner directly onto your cloth to avoid overspray onto your brassware. Once wiped over, rinse your brassware with plain water and dry thoroughly to avoid any remaining residue. Be sure to regularly clean your spouts and handles to avoid the build-up of limescale.

Caring For Your Ceramics


Be it a bath, basin or WC, your Burlington ceramics are sure to be a showstopper in your traditional bathroom. To keep them looking spotless, regularly clean with a soap and water solution or a mild cream cleaning liquid. If you can, remove any plugs before cleaning to avoid damaging the finish over time and wipe away any residue after cleaning.

Be sure to avoid bleach with the exception of in the very bottom of your WC. Bleach and harsh chemicals can damage the material, leaving impurities on the surface. When it comes to stains, blemishes or limescale build-up, it's common to want to reach for the stronger chemicals, but you’re going to want to avoid anything abrasive. Instead, limescale can be removed with household vinegar and toothpaste, cream cleaner or non-abrasive finishing polishes can remove stains. 

Flawless Furniture 


Bathroom furniture is probably something that we forget about or don’t clean as often as we should. But a quick spruce can go a long way. Again, all it takes is a simple soap and water solution around you’re whole furniture unit. Follow these tips to keep your traditional furniture unit looking wonderful for years to come:

  • Spray the cleaner onto your cloth to avoid overspray onto hinges and handles which can damage their appearance
  • Be sure to dry the top surfaces of draws and doors before closing to avoid the wood splitting or swelling 
  • Use a cream cleaner on your worktop to keep the shine, or a non-abrasive finishing polish to remove blemishes and stains.

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