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The Lettering Collection

Offering new levels of customisation, Burlington’s Bespoke Lettering provides the ultimate opportunity for personalised bathroom design. You can choose from three typefaces: Modern, Traditional or Script. From contemporary barbershops and rustic B&B’s, to residential ensuites, the Bespoke Lettering caters to all styles and settings, and introduces the opportunity for truly bespoke design.

Bespoke Lettering


Ideal for commercial, hospitality and residential design projects or customer’s homes, Bespoke Lettering offers the ultimate opportunity for personalisation. Customers may choose between three lettering styles and a choice of two locations, either across the front edge or for a subtler option, under the overflow across selected Edwardian basins.

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The Lettering Collection


Discover Bespoke by Burlington's lettering collection in video, featuring inspiration behind the designs and a full range overview. 

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Our imagery showcases the various ways you can style our Bespoke by Burlington's Lettering collection...