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The Floral Collection

Presented across four diverse hand-illustrated designs, the Floral range of decorated pieces within the Burlington Bespoke collection expresses various ways of incorporating nature into the traditional bathroom. Showcasing the versatility of each of the unique floral patterns, the collection ranges from bold and vibrant palms to delicate blossoms and greenery, and is available across a selection of Burlington’s Edwardian basins, pedestals and various WC styles.

Botanical Pink

A true statement piece, the Botanical Pink pattern promises to bring a new lease of life to the modern-day traditional bathroom. A fun and playful twist on floral design, the vivid hand-illustrated fuchsia palms contrast beautifully against Burlington’s crisp white ceramics. 

Country Meadow

Soft blues, greens and neutral greys combine harmoniously in the Country Meadow design. Instilling a freshness with a botanical style, the intricacies of the design complement the classic shapes of the Edwardian basin design with a nod to the subtle design on the base of the WC.

Oriental Blossom

A hand painted watercolour floral piece, the Oriental Blossom pattern wanders across Burlington’s traditional ceramics in a natural, graceful way. Featuring soft and translucent colours with hints of real gold, the elegant bespoke design offers a true feeling of uniqueness.

Spring Forest

Inspired by the deco tiles found in 1930s bathrooms, the graceful pattern of green and grey foliage has been purposefully hand drawn to look as though it has fallen randomly over the ceramic piece, in a very natural setting. The result is a unique design that will enhance your bathroom.

Meet the Designer:
Julie Ingham


"I wanted to capture people's love of greenery in their bathroom spaces and make designs appear as if they had fallen organically over the white ceramics"

Created in collaboration with leading British Designer Julie Ingham, each individual handillustrated pattern in the Decorated Collection is applied by highly trained ceramic lithographers using traditional methods onto selected ceramic pieces in the Burlington collection.Offering an elegant and personalised take onclassic bathroom décor, the decorative designs bring unique character to today’s traditional bathrooms across four distinctive categories.

Watch the Video:

The Floral Collection


Discover Bespoke by Burlington's floral collection in video, featuring inspiration behind the designs and a full range overview. 

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